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Minister Suharso: Meaning of Muhasabah Ramadhan, Development Evaluation

, - The Minister of National Development Planning attended the virtual halal bihalal held by Bappenas, on Friday, May 14, 2021. On this occasion, the Minister delivered a speech with the theme Meaning of Muhasabah Ramadhan, Development Evaluation.

When opening his remarks, the Minister congratulated Eid and thanked all Bappenas employees who did not mudik. The Minister also conveyed that 1 Shawwal 1442 H coincided with the commemoration of the ascension of Jesus Christ.

"Congratulations on commemorating the ascension of Jesus Almasih to the Christian community at Bappenas. Hopefully this will further strengthen the bonds of tolerance and friendship in creating human peace," Said the Minister.

Furthermore, the Minister said that in the development process, muhasabah is the process of evaluating approaches, strategies, policies or programs that have been implemented so far.

"We are evaluating what we have planned, what bottlenecking is being faced, what development indicators have been achieved, whether the role of the clearing house has been achieved," said the Minister.

The Minister explained that the results of the development muhasabah are provisions for the Ministry of National Development Planning / Bappenas to improve and organize future steps, there are strategic state tasks entrusted to Bappenas.

"One of the major projects in 2021 is the construction of the IKN, of course with careful calculations on the implementation of vaccination and mitigation of the Covid-19 pandemic," he said.

The Minister emphasized that all Bappenas employees must speak out loud, believing that the IKN will create new economic growth centers, accelerate economic equality throughout Indonesia, and open up millions of jobs with the growth of economic sectors with high added value.

"IKN and a number of big tasks await us, after the implementation of the 2021 Musrenbangnas. Remember as a clearing house we must ensure that the implementation of the 2021 RKP and the preparation of the 2022 RKP brings great benefits to the Indonesian people," he continued.

Closing his remarks, the Minister announced to all Bappenas employees to conduct a PCR or Antigen Swab test after the holiday.

"Because the health of the Bappenas extended family and the family at home is very important, which is of no value. I want you to be comfortable doing work with good testing and tracing efforts, "he concluded.


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